Saturday, July 6, 2019

Drawings, Drawings, and MORE DRAWINGS!

Hello everyone, J here and today I have put together a bunch of photos of you guessed it... DRAWINGS!!!!! I love drawing and I love how easy it is when you practice it a lot. I will never stop practicing because every time I draw something I learn new skills that help make my drawings better.
Here they are!

This is a lovely collection of Toy story cards
and Colouring Pages that I put together.

This is my Arty door decoration!

Cricket (From Wings Of Fire)

Blue (From Wings Of Fire)

Winter (From Wings Of Fire)

Darkstalker (From Wings Of Fire)

Mira (From Animal Jam)

Zios (From Animal Jam)

Liza (From Animal Jam)

Graham (From Animal Jam)

Cosmo (From Animal Jam)

Peck (From Animal Jam)

Greely (From Animal Jam)

Sir Gilbert (From Animal Jam)

Arctic Foxes (From Animal Jam)

Arctic Wolves (From Animal Jam)

Bunnies (From Animal Jam)
Cant draw bunnies very well :(

Cheetahs (From Animal Jam)

Puma (From Animal Jam)

Coyote (From Animal Jam)

Thanks for reading bye! -J

The Unicorn

Hello everyone! Today I will be showing you my Unicorn painting!
It took quite a long time to do because I did it at my art class. I used student acrylic paints and a student canvas. I have done the painting for the Riding School that I go to and I love seeing the artwork I do on display there :) Here is my Unicorn !

Here is the lovely unicorn.

The reason I decided to paint a Unicorn is because at the riding school there is a rumour (Just a funny joke) that one of the ponies used to be a Unicorn before he lost his horn. There is a bump on his head and they say that that's where the horn used to be!

Thanks for reading, and see you next time. -J

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